Website Localization Services
Translation alone is not enough. Different cultures have different ideas about how a website should look. To gain a firm footing in the local market, the appearance and content of localized website versions should be adapted to local norms.

Assisting your efforts to establish a global web presence, Localized Vision will ensure your website retains integrity across multiple languages, platforms, and browsers.

Whether your web site is database-driven, dynamic or static – Localized Vision will localize it for you in almost any language. Your source files can be HTML, XML, MS Access, Flash, or similar format. We use a range of web localization tools to process the files and deliver an identical localized version.

Some of the many guidelines of our website localization process include:

1. The creation of style guides and glossaries.
2. The use of graphics applications to localize graphic elements (both 2-D and 3-D), multimedia presentations, flash
     and video components.
3. The use of expert translators who specialize in the subject matter of your website, making sure you receive the
    richest translation of your content – including copywriting where needed.

With Localized Vision your localized site will let visitors feel as if it has been designed with their culture in mind.

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