1. Project Analysis
Once we receive your localization request, we assign a project manager to analyze your requirements, assemble a project team, devise a project plan and schedule timely deliveries. He/she is your employee in our company.

2. Project Preparation
The pre-processing stage starts by identifying translatable elements, and then, either locking the source code or exporting the elements to a separate file. The end result of that stage, in addition to the glossary, style guide and additional contextual elements, is the localization kit, which is a guide to translators throughout their work on localization projects.

3. Production
We select the most appropriate people, from our professional translators, DTP or engineers, to carry out the task assigned.

4. Quality Assurance
Localized Vision’s linguistic experts undertake a full review of the translated files linguistically and make sure that it faithfully reflects the meaning of the texts in their original version. In this stage, our technical team members have the responsibility of reviewing DTP and the technical tasks.

5. Project Delivery
The Project Manager verifies the final work prior to delivery and confirms that all instructions have been followed.

6. Client’s Follow-up
We implement all updates, objective feedback comments and suggestions from our clients after the project delivery.

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