Quality Assurance
The quality of the localized product is determined during the final stage of the project - Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing. The structure of the QA process may vary for different kinds of products.

Linguistic QA
Localized Vision's linguistic experts make sure that all texts have been translated correctly and culturally adapted to the target audience. They also check that the style and formatting comply with the style guide. Special attention is given to indexing and its conformance to localized documentation.

Functional QA - Website Localization
Web authors/reviewers will ensure that the original code has remained intact and that the format has been maintained to resemble the source files. The Web site’s scripts, links and rollovers are also tested.

Functional QA - Software and Help Localization

Localized Vision's l10n experts thoroughly check and test the software’s functionality in all required environments, and handle any GUI issues, such as dialog box resizing.

In case that the source code has been modified during the internationalization process, they also verify the data-input, manipulation, saving and retrieving process as well as third party software integration. The tests are all performed in a localized testing environment (with native OS).

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