Localized vision has significant experience in the following industries:

Partnering with leaders in applied knowledge for the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, Localized vision offers translations of medical articles, patient consent forms, clinical trials and more.

In-depth knowledge of worldwide legal systems -providing translation of contracts and agreements, official certificates, patent & trademark applications and virtually any other legal document.

Banking and Finance
Full command of financial terminology and regulatory requirements; providing translation of annual reports, corporate financial documentation, financial software, balance sheets and more.

Information Technology
Complete localization solutions for software, firmware, web applications, desktop applications, CRM & ERP systems and more.

Extensive glossaries and experienced technical editors - providing comprehensive translation services for the telecommunications industry, as well as the printing, automotive, aerospace, semiconductor industries and many more.

Creativity and local know-how - providing translations of advertisements, promotional material, marketing brochures, corporate video scripts and general copywriting.

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